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Why can't I enter my 'Ible? Answered

I made my 'ible on the efficient LED light system for my bike. But since I made it before this new LED contest, I can't enter it! It's the perfect entry and I want to get it in the contest. Why don't they allow previously-published entries?


Adding some LEDs which are controlled by an Arduino would be an awesome addition to your older Instructable.

See if there is a way to modify or update the existing Instructable to make a version two. Any change or modification can be made into a new Instructable which, if I remember correctly, can be entered in the contest.

Correct - and improved or re-purposed project can be entered into most new contests.

Because the purpose is to get people to post new instructables, and really, there are more than 2000 instructbles with led in the keyword, allowing previous instructables would lower the S/N ratio to uselessness.

I figured that was the reason...if previous 'ibles were allowed, all sorts of winning LED 'ibles would be entered. Now I'm gonna try and make one or two new LED 'ibles.

"Now I'm gonna try and make one or two new LED 'ibles." You just summed up the reason perfectly.