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Why can't I post comments in a forum topic? Answered

When trying to make comments on forum topics, I can type the whole text. But when I click the post button, nothing happens, no error, no warning or so. Just, nothing.
Then, when reloading the page or visiting an other page, the screen gets a transparant overlay, with a screen that just says

I tried posting comments using the following:
Chrome on Vista
Chrome on Windows 8
The browser is the most recent version on both computers.

The weirdest thing is, is that posting comments on forum topics worked a few days ago.

I put this in the question / answers section, after I tried creating a bug report for it, but not being able to do so. (it failed after clicking the preview button. Loading a bit, then going to a blank screen


Check the time.

The servers do their update thing starting at midnight, California time.

That makes the forums a bit funky for 60-90 minutes - you can't post comments, start new topics or use the "flag" functions.

For those of us running to GMT, that makes the forums "browse only" from 08:00 to 09:00, sometimes as lat as 09:30.

You can usually still comment on actual instructables in that time-slot, but the flagging functions don't work, and editing is unreliable.

For those countries that are 12 hours out of synch with California (the Middle East, I think), it must be impossible to use the site in your lunch break...