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Why can't I put two pictures together on photoshop? Answered

Hi! I've been running into a problem on photoshop. As the title says I can't place two pictures on at  the same time. If I add a second one it deletes the first one.
Does anyone know why?

PLease help!



Best Answer 7 years ago

As Steve said, you need to click the "New Layer" button, which looks like a post-it pad, then put the second picture on the new layer. You might also need to double-click the "Background" layer and hit enter to unlock it, allowing you to edit it.

By the way, if this is your first time using an advanced image editor, I'd highly recommend using paint.net first, then switching to Photoshop once you get used to it. It's essentially the same user interface, but it doesn't have a lot of the advanced, and usually hardly used, features. Oh, and it's free!


Mmm... Free software...

OK I got it until pasting the second image. Is there a special button I need to use, because I drag the 2nd picture from the file and it still opens it in a new window or whatever.
And no, I use photoshop often for logos for my projects and I'd like to start designing them with two pictures.

Oh, I see.

Open just one of the pictures first, then make a second layer. Open the second picture, select everything, (ctrl-A,) copy, (ctrl-c), go back to the first picture, (there should be tabs at the top,) select the new layer, and paste, (ctrl-v).

Open one image. Select all and copy to the clip board. Open the second image and paste the contents of the clipboard as a new layer.

Yes, as others say, you're opening 2 files at the same time - which is a start. Open the one you want as a base layer, then the second, select all, copy, then go BACK to the first file and paste. It should automatically create a new layer. Set the blending mode to mask out the white (screen?) and resize to your needs.

I've got PhotoShop 6.0.1, and I've no problem opening two files. I'll guess you're pasting or something?



7 years ago

You'll need to make a new layer, and then attach the second one. It's easier to firstly load the second picture in a new file, then transform it, and copy - paste in a new layer. With transforming I mean transparent background e.d.

(since when do you play minecraft? I didn't know you played it, it's fun!)

Import the other photograph as a new layer ?