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Why can't I right click? Answered

Well, I don't know if it has to do with recently getting a new mouse, or what, but I can't right click. I even tried my old mouse again, and it doesn't work on that either! What should I do?

EDIT: Nevermind, I restarted my computer and it works now. Odd.


Try reinstalling the mouse driver.

Because you fail that hard. 

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Why is this in K'nex?

Reinstall the mouse driver. If that doesn't work check the companies site that makes your mouse.
I have that problem, except the mouse (I have two) doesn't move. I can use all the buttons and stuff, but it won't move. I think my problem is hardware failure not software because my other mouse works. If neither work for you it is probably software failure.

assuming you are using windows...
go into control panel
go to printers and other hardware
go to mouse
make sure it is set up properly.

If you are using a PS2 mouse, try using a USB mouse instead.