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Why can't access the internet even though i'm connected to the wifi? Answered

my netbook's model is SAMSUNG N148 Plus. comment for additional details because i don't know what details to give you


wifi/LAN and internet are different. wifi is local network inside the office/house. internet is about connection between your ISP and modem. in past routers and modems were seperated but now they are combined into one device however logically still works seperated unless you bridge them


4 years ago

Turn off the router and the modem, wait a few seconds and turn them back on. After they have reconnected, try it again.

Its like the guy on the "I T crowd" says "Did you turn it off and turn it on again?"

I get this often on my iPod Touch. Often requires either disconnecting and reconnecting with the iTouch or my router locked up and needs to be reset (turn it off and on).

Who'd wifi ? Is the wifi connected to the net ? Can you test the connection with someone else's computer. ?