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Why can't my laptop find any wireless network? Answered

I was using my laptop when suddenly the power went out. When it came back on, my laptop couldn't find my wifi, but my mobile connected to my wifi without any trouble. I even tried to connect the laptop to the mobile's hotspot, but no luck. It's not even able to connect or even show any of my neighbour's network. I've tried every kind of solution but it all has been in vain. Someone please help me. I'm using a sony vaio sve13315cnb.


guys can some one help me? send me a video that i can fully understand the process how to fix my problem w my netbook it is the same with you maam it wont detect any wifi

help me pls

send me a video or link that will truly help me how to fix this thank you guys i hope you will help me with me.

That didn't work for me so I did some more research and found out if you run command prompt as an admin and type in "sfc /scannow" it will scan for corrupted drivers on the system.

That fixed my issue.

thank you so much it worked

Go to the start menu/type-device manager/.

Then go to your network adapters. Make sure none of them are disabled. If this still persists, try using function keys or look for buttons on your computer that may be manual.

FN F8 is the key that my computer uses to disable wifi. Pressing the F8 button while pressing the function key disables it on my PC. Look for the printed graphic on the keyboard that may show a picture of a wireless signal.

Hope this helps.

thank you very much. Im grateful for your answer im already considering bringing my laptop to an expert and spend some money. When all i have to do is click the printed graphic of wireless signal on the keyboard felt stupid for a moment though. Lol. Again thank you very much :)

i had that problem 10 minutes ago and i read your comment with phone and find wifi picture on my laptop, click on it and Bingoooo, it start working !!! registered there for say Thank you !

It seems windows 8 or above shows us limited number wifi connections and simultaneously it ignores to check whether the connection is live or switched of.

So say if your pc or laptop has come across 12 wifi connections at different points of time irrespective of whether you have used them or not it remembers those and it os not capable of detecting more connections.

So if your laptop does not detect your own wifi, now the solution is simple if you have realised what I want to say here. Make your laptop forget useless connections from time to time.

This can be done by right clicking the wifi or internet connection icon at the right bottom side of the windows. Once right clicked explore I am not a compu geek hence can't write in details. But this is the right solution. Bingo.

Right click the WiFi icon and click trouble shoot problem and fix the problems


4 years ago

The power went out in the laptop?

If the laptop was on but the router went off the notebook would have gone looking for another connect point. It might have locked on to something else. You might just need to tell it to connect to the correct wireless.

The Wifi in the laptop is disabled. See what it says in Device manager.