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Why can't you drop electronics in water? Answered

We all know we can't drop electronics in water. Why? I think it's because they short out the circuits. SO, I can drop my ipod in distilled water and it will be perfectly fine?


Electronics cant be dropped in water because water is conductive. Conductive materials let electriciti go through them easily. Because the electrical current would be in the wires when the water would touch the wires it would short out

Only water with matel ions dissolved in it is conductive. Being that water naturally picks up these ions at its sources, and that at water treatment or purification plants they don't remove them (for health reasons), virtually all water acquired by any means other than distillation would conduct electricity. However, if you were to distill your own water, or buy distilled water, you would be able to drop your phone or any electronic device in it without inflicting damage.

yes if you dropped your Ipod in distilled water it would be fine because pure H2O does not conduct electricity until an ionic compound is added. Ionic compounds conduct electricity but only when dissolved in water. This is also true for just about anything electronic, or if you wanted to kill yourself by dropping a toaster in your full bath tub but you forgot you have distilled water coming out of your tap it wouldn't kill you. That is also why if you drop something in sea water its toast because it has an ionic compound dissolved in it (salt) but fresh water does not. PS- best to let things dry out first even if it was only distilled water because there might be something that gets in the water from inside the Ipod and toasts it.

why do people always say you cant drop electronics into water when you can!- just hold it over water and let go... oh- and you ipod will probably break because you dropped it, ragardless of the water.