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Why did this happen? Answered

I was trying to make an led light out of the bulb and a battery. I connected the - to the + side(with a paper clip) and put the bulb on the plus side. It worked, but after about 10 seconds, I took it off and the plus side was really hot. I am a newb at this stuff so please tell me why this happened.


It all depends on the battery and the LED. An LED normally requires very little current to light but a battery can supply quite a bit of current if allowed. One would normally tie an appropriate resistor in series with the LED to limit the current. This would keep you from burning out the LED as well as extend the life of the battery considerably. Bulbs are what incandescent lamps are enclosed in. Not LEDs. One would normally refer to an LED as a "component."

Also, make sure you weren't short-circuiting anything :-)