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Why did you join Instructables? Answered

Also, how did you learn about the site?


I was searching for new electronic circuits projects and always ended up on Instuctables, I then bookmarked the site and checked it quite often to get new ideas.

After a while I decided to join the community and and posted my first Ible only a few weeks ago and it got featured!

Two days ago I went on the forum and posted a topic and now I can't stop posting comments in the forum!!!

I found Instructables while searching for instructions on how to make something (I do not know what. I forgot). I joined Instructables because, well, I'm the sort of person who likes to make stuff and take apart stuff and Instructables offered a lot of that. I realize now what a diverse group of people the Instructables community is. And I'm (somewhat) glad I am a part of it.

I was searching for "How to" details about electric bikes & vehicles, wind power generators, solar panels etc. and came across instructables. Initially I paid for a pro membership to download few instructables of above subjects, then thought of writing my own instructable. My first instructable " Mini Bio-gas plant using food waste, decomposable organic material and kitchen waste" won the First prize in Make it stick contest and got me a one year free pro membership. From then on no turning back...

... and now you are ours!


I learned about Instructables when skimming through the craft section of the library and I found one of the books that they publish. I checked out the site and, yeah...

to get away from normal people...wait

I joined because I wanted to see secondary images and image notes back in the day. That Red Ring of Death project (and a million Lifehacker links) led me here, and the sorta-kinda-someday notion that I'd start hardware hacking kept me here. Despite being more of a lurker than a poster, I lucked out like crazy and landed an internship. From there, I fell in love with this community of cheapskates, artists, tinkerers, builders, survivalists, students, and nerds.

If you think the Kool-Aid is delicious as a site member, it's positively ambrosial at HQ. The "why not? let's build it!" mentality is infectious, and that culture permeates just about everything that happens from individual projects to how we choose what features to develop. (It's probably annoying when we break the site, though. That's an unfortunate side effect of a team of tinkerers running a website together.)

I love the Kool-Aid analogy. :-) Actually working for Instructables would be a dream come true for me. Thank you for all the work you do to keep the site great!

I came across the technique called tatting, and decided to google it for more tatted stuff. I then clicked one of the first links, leading to this instructable by Penelopy Bulnick: https://www.instructables.com/id/Tatted-Pumpkin-Ear... I looked around at the site a bit more and really liked it, so I subscribed to the newsletter.

I love to learn how to do things on my own instead of having to actually pay money to purchase (unless there's no other way)! I also enjoy finding out what other people have done, how creative they are, and sharing it/them with all of my family and friends.

All around me I saw people trending towards consumerism, but here was a community of makers and modifiers. Many hours were spent reading about manufacturing techniques, design considerations(I'm studying engineering now, so I guess something carried over). Heard about the site from a blog, maker magazine maybe.

I joined because of this instructablehttps://www.instructables.com/id/Inflatable-Sailboat/!! I liked it then I got to exploring the site and liked it so much I joined!!

Oops.... forgot to mention how I learned about the site. To be honest, I really don't remember so I'm going to assume that I somehow received an email from "Instructables," perhaps as having been signed up with another, similar site. That's just a guess but, nonetheless, I'm glad that I'm here!

Seemed like a good site with a nice warm enviroment and I was correct! :-)

Check the dates...

Haha, are you related?

That's interesting. I don't remember the first one I found, but I discovered it looking for office supply weapons.

It seems that several pople joined because of the contests, but how did you all find out about the site in the first place?

That's actually very similar to my own motivation. However, since then I've just come to love the site.