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Why did you join Instructables? Answered

Just wondering what aspect of this particular DIY community everyone finds appealing. For me it is the non-curatorial structure, allowing the community to invent and publish the content and participate on our own terms.


I googled science fair projects. I made the Beetlebot and won first prize. I saw so many cool stuff, I HAD to join!

well, originally i came for the weapons, explosives,and other dangerous things. but i haven't seen such things lately. So today its random things that catch my interest.

For a while, I would look through all of the 'ibles and try out the projects. Then, I joined after I saw the awesome community that was here. And that's that.

*get's ready to be shot* well I got interested in homemade/office shooting devices. I came across knex along my journey and then eventually wound up here when search for instructions. I wanted to comment so I signed up and then I ended up making instructables myself. So yup I'm another anoying knexer tha-*gets shot*

I was around for a couple months before I joined. I joined so i could post comments, and to publish Instructables, whenever I get time. Can you believe that I have 5 unpublished instructs?

Can you believe that I have 5 unpublished instructs?

About what?

I've got a stack of pictures on my hard drive, as well as some in-progress Instructables.

-sugar rockets (WAS going to be a launch-it entry...but I waited too long.)
-making dextrin
-making cut stars
-PVC gun bipod
-(I'm gonna delete this one)

Yeah, 60% of them are about fireworks, but that is not all I do. They're just the ones that I was interested in at the time I started the Instructable.

I also like (in no specific order) melting aluminum, forging things, anything outdoors, using computers to help me design things, welding, any metalwork, any woodwork, stencils (not graffiti), chain maille, fireworks, and building ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Like hovercrafts.

Yeah, that was an overly complicated and not-entirely-on-topic response to your response, but oh well, I needed to get that out. It's not like the people at school care...

Oh damn, for a second I read making dextrin as making dexatrin! I thought how ironic an unfinished instructable on making your own ADD meds. Hahaha.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to publish them around thanksgiving break or Christmas.

Beat you - thirteen unpublished 'ibles, plus a dozen or so projects that are still just scribbles in a note book.

Wow. I could have more, but I just never started them on the 'net.

I've got to un published ones...both for lack of pictures. And I've got a few that I need to write.

I liked the site and thought, hey, it's free. Why not?

Originally, I think I was looking for information on what became my Jam Jar Jet instructable.

Now, the reason has become permission.

Before I found the site, I had loads of ideas for things to make or modify, but no reason to do so, no way of showing off the products.

Now, I have a whole new hobby, a slightly altered way of looking at the world, and I honestly feel ever so slightly saner.

That's odd... I feel less sane...

Are you accusing Kiteman of sucking the sanity out of you? LOL

- - - - - - sluurrrrrppp - - - - -

Hmm, tv does the same thing.....as does the movie: Brainiac LOL

I needed something to do in my free time. I tried joining a few DIY sites, but this is by far the best and I like the people here. I like spending time online, but I hated doing it on the IGN boards, because I felt like all I was doing was wasting time. Here I feel like I'm being productive and really making friends, which is wonderful. Plus, I can now show off all my random projects to people. :P

I had been snooping for a while, and then found something that compelled me to make a comment...and to do that I needed to join.

OMG, BEST COMMENT ALL DAY!! 5 points, a cookie, and a gold star to your name!! No, really, that was pretty funny.

I basically joined because I knew someone who used to work for Instructables and they asked me to help test the forums, and since I was bored and unemployed at the time I did. I only started reading because a few of the early threads were about fluid flow...I'm not really sure why I keep checking this place though. I guess because I don't have enough stuff to do and this fills some time, kinda depressing but meh.

Because I am absolutely, completely obsessed with learning how to do EVERYTHING. And I love being able to share how to do stuff (which I'm working on doing a lot more of, as soon as this whole Maker Faire thing wraps up!)

I joined so I could recruit people for when the 2nd apocalypse comes. -Punk

Where are we all supposed to meet for the apocalypse? Just make sure to CC me on that. Please write an instructable on how to survive if we miss the meeting point. Haha good answer.

I absolutely don't remember why I joined ...
But the most important is that I'm not planing to leave ! Isn't that a great news ??? =o)

that is great news. if not anyone else, at least i would miss you if you left.

Wanted to learn electronics by making things. So I went looking for a few DIY projects. Found a few. Love it.

i found this site when i urgently wanted to make a headphone, then i felt like i had to joint his place so i did and moreover it is a gooood place for people like me whoa re wiered and creative

i read a make in the book store one day, got on thier website, was poking around and came across a more projects link. it took me to instructables. i looked around in here for a couple of days and found the forum, then decided that i liked the stuff that went on on here and signed up.

all the instructables were cool and i wanted to post one

because it is a home for people like me.

one day i saw that people in my class were making paper shurkikens so i google'd it when i got home i then came upon this site (https://www.instructables.com/id/Office-Supply-Ninja-Stars/) (link-thing wont load) and i saw other things like lego USB, pen shooter etc. etc. then after about a month of off-and-on visits i signed up and it took off from there......

Blame Kim Komando. She had the Make group as a Cool Site once, and I looked at that for a while. It was boring, because I only ever saw the Instructables for the one group. Then, a month later, she posted Instructables as a Cool Site, and I realized how Cool this Site really is. Hung around as a non-member for a while, then I made those earrings, and I wanted to post. So here I am.

Ach, you subscribe to her computer Cool Sites (and other ePeriodicals) too! Cool. I have been reading for quite a number of years now (but there are no radio stations in the vicinity to listen to *sigh* the self proclaimed "Digital Goddess" :-)

Ah hem, back to the subject of the thread:
I got a card asking me to subscribe to MAKE mag., lost it, found it again, and finally subscribed. A month later, I got online and looked around. I liked what i saw, and then a few of the projects linked to Instructables and I came and signed up here also. I love the site, I love to help others out with exploring the world, and I love to see people's minds and ideas open and flowing. So that is my reason for "staying". And I will stay until I am either without a net connection or until I find I am no longer able to help out (if I become antique, so to speak).

I found this site off of MAKE. I believe I was searching the Altoids 9V Charger, and maybe some other projects. I became addicted, and have been here ever since. I joined because building things is my hobby, and tinkering with devices, LEDs, and everything associated with DIY-ing. I love it.

Yeah, I bet the Altoids 9v Charger project pulled in a lot of permanent residents here. I too consider this my hobby / fun time. I should also add what is your real job to this question.

Weird, my reasons is the exact same as yours.

I saw some really cool instructables and just had to comment