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Why did you remove the "all steps on one page" for non premium users!? Answered

I've enjoyed instructables for a LONG time now and have endured the annoyance that it is to have to sign in to view all steps on one page... Now that that's gone for non premium users I'm frankly annoyed.

Why are you guys trying to FORCE me into buying a bloody membership!?

You guys sell plenty of advertisements to cover the costs on here please give us non-wealthy a chance to view all the steps on a single page.

I'm beginning to think they should just set up a completely separate pro website for instructables and leave us poor bastards behind but at least give us the all steps on a single page.

Really unfair move guys!
Change it back!


My god we got a bunch of whiners on this site.

You know you can still hit the "View all steps on one page" button when your in an instructable, it's not that difficult.

You try it- what message do you get when you hit it?

No message, it just show's all the steps.

Your account has a glitch, its not supposed to do that unless you're pro.

From what I understand ANY user that was registered on Instructables before PRO was introduced got to keep allsteps, PDFs, favorites etc however anyone registered after PRO will not have these features and will have to buy a PRO subscription to receive them. 

Nope.  That was a 3 month trial only.  I had to view it one step at a time starting mid November until I went pro.

I know =]  The change doesn't take affect until you try to update your profile :)


8 years ago

Instructables sort of pissed me off when they did this, but the more I thought about tits I realized that I don't really contribute enough to need the member benefits, and if you contribute a lot, you do the pro account and get to support one of the best sites on the internet.

Besides, at least instructables isn't charging that much for pro accounts, i mean, seriously, 40 bucks for 2 years?

.  According to your info page, in the last 3½+ years you have made seven comments and started one topic (this one). If you were contributing a lot (or even a little), I could see your frustration, but what do you expect for no money and extremely little effort on your part? TANSTAAFL


This is word for word what I wanted to say (except the TANSTAAFL, I have no idea what  that means :p)

"You guys sell plenty of advertisements to cover the costs on her"

No, they don't.  That's why they were forced into starting pro accounts.

Do a little research, check past topics on pro-ness.

So, you have to do a couple of extra clicks to see a whole project.  Is your life harmed?  Are you prevented from accessing tens of thousands of projects for free?

Get over yourself.

This happened last year, where most of the whinging was done. Consider yourself lucky to have enjoyed these features for free for so long (due to some sort of recently-fixed error I guess).
Oh and with regard to "Change it back!" - that's both futile & rude, like the rest of the topic.


Makes you wonder what he thinks he's going to do if you guy's don't....The worst he can do is delete his account.