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Why do CDs And DVDs have different sized covers.? Answered

They would fit in various storage "furniture" a lot better if the covers were the same dimensions.



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Similar to weekitler the DVD is packaged bigger because shoppers perceive / expect a different and more "rich" / valuable product.(remember that VHS was once very expensive)
CDs would be stupid at 12", so the break was made to go for "this is technology making things compact"
DVDs are more compact than VHS, but you see games in over-sized packaging too:

it's marketing.


DVDs replaced VHS cassettes as the video format. It was good for stores since t hey could stock them in the same shelving that was used for VHS cassettes. The actual size of the disc is the same for CDs, DVDs, and BluRay discs so you can actually use the smallest case (CD) for any format. I used to keep my DVDs in the hinged cases but now keep them in paper sleeves that I store in a card file. I can keep everything strictly alphabetical and just add new additions where they belong. I used a ringed binder with inserts for a while, but it's hard to keep everything in order unless you number each page and keep a database of what you have.

The same reason that Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are also different sizes- whoever creates the format creates the packaging too, and everyone follows suit. In this particular case, CDs are sort of mini versions of vinyl albums, while the movie formats are mini versions of the posters.