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Why do New people steal instructables? Answered

After posting my instructable the other day, it didn't take long before someone copied it down the the exact words, and even went as far as to steal some of my pictures! Now I see another instructable posted today about making a pink eraser flash drive, that is almost exactly like fungus amungus's. Both of the perpetrators in question happened to be brand new to the site, as in they had only been members for a day or two. So my question is this:

Why do new people find it necessary, or think it's cool to steal/exactly copy peoples instructables?


Do you mean they publish copies here, or on other sites? If they are here, then flagging will mean rapid removal. Elsewhere, try emailing the webmaster of the site in question, including links to the original here. (We caught somebody selling copies of 'ibles on ebay, and I had to get all official on him to get him to stop)

I mean they publish copies here. I know that flagging them will get them removed very efficiently, all I want to know is why new people feel the urge to copy peoples instructables, or what makes them think it won't matter otherwise.

They'll probably cut & paste an answer LOL

this is a major problem with the knexers..............

I always check before I post and before I make an instructable


10 years ago

I'd better do some research before I do my 1st instructable. Otherwise, I might look the fool.

Someone also copied the LED throwies instructable. YOU DON"T MESS WITH SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Moderators/Instructables staff, Could you please not allow this, or give the new people a warning?

Are you saying that it is okay to copy a smaller, lesser-known Instructable than it is to copy a hugely famous one?

Not at all, they shouldn't copy anyones instructables. But I think it's kinda stupid that they copy a featured instructable and post it, while the instructable they copied is still on the front page. I'm not dissing anyones instructable that has been copied that may not have been noticed by the greater public of instructables yet.

It seems like they enjoy copying instructables on the featured list. yeah sure, no body looks at the front page, it should be ok to copy it LOL.

They don't allow it. You'll notice they are unpublished promptly. The important thing for you to do is just flag any that you see.

I know what you mean, my "How to Re-energise" ible has had multiple off-site copies, I'm kinda proud of the fact it was good enough to copy : )

Or identities! Someone has been stealing my name in the meebo room! I think it gets them off, the chain.

ohh yeah, i remeber that. is he really going to your place for dinner? probably because they want an instructable to their credit right away

No. He's not coming to my house for dinner. It'd be nice though, I'm so lonely. *sniff*

Just make sure they aren't bringing a chainsaw....

I HATE THEM ALL! (sorry for caps) Flag them!!!!!

I guess. But that doesn't make any sense! I've seen two very recently. The how to make your cat purr one, and the eraser drive cover. Very weird.

Which is why I brought this subject up, because the "How to make your cat purr" Instructable is mine, and I could'nt see how someone could just go and take my pictures, of my cat. It was an outrage!

I knew it wasn't Deja Vu when I saw that eraser Instructable.

Do they really think we are that dumb?

they just do, they probely think we won't notice and people will think there great. we should probely just flag if that happens, just make sure that you tell them that you flagged them. if you don't tell them then they won't know that we don't like it when plagerisem happens(I know the feeling, it happened to my 5 pound gatling gun. one guy made 2 accounts, and made a Instructable for the 5 pound gatling on one of his accounts and made 2 Instructables on the second account.)