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Why do all iMac G5 have a monochrome screen after a few years? Answered

I use an iMac G5 got for free from a school (still has the sticker with the school address on it). I notice it have a blue monochrome screen but all iMac G5 have this problem in different colors. Mine is a 20" iSight 2.1GHz PPC G5 made some time in 2005.

I would really like to fix this problem. Is any way to do so?



5 years ago

Hard to say without being there:

1. The tube has expired - well 2 of the 3 guns. did the colour change slowly or over night?
2. The monitor has other colour drive issues.

3. The mac isn't sending the right colour signals - if you had an alternative monitor you could confirm this.

Sergeant Sarcasmrickharris

Answer 5 years ago

There is no tube, it's an LCD. G5. I have no problems with my G3's (tube type)