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Why do dogs walk around in a circle before lying down? Answered

I just thought it was an odd habit for dogs to do.  


.  Please learn to use a search engine (Google is a good choice) and stop spewing your questions (few of which have anything to do with DIY).

I'm sorry, I'm just trying to beat the record of asked questions on Instructables (by the way, do you now who's the person with the most questions?)

Extremely rude to the rest of us, who want to be able to see and address the serious questions rather than having those buried under your pile created just to run up the total. I'm tempted to start flagging these as Inappropriate. Unfortunately the Knex Blocker script, as currently written, doesn't work to suppress them from appearing on the Answers page.

Um...but this isn't innapropriate...he has a right to be curious.

Dogs walk in circles before lying down to sleep to create a magnetic vortex that will stop them from floating away while they sleep.

HA HA HA ! I'm sorry I can't chose you as best answer 'cause It'll sound like I believe you but that still was funny HA Ha ha...

I'd like to but people only talk about americain technologie and in France, all the words are different! Plus that, most of the questions I answer already have a best answer.

I think a better goal would be to have the best answer to the more questions than anyone else. By asking a lot of questions that can easily be found via google, you're going to end up being largely ignored.

it is because they want to step on all of the grass and make mini crop circles so aliens will not abduct them please use google for these ridiculous questions

Actually, that's close.

Circling *does* flatten the grass so when they lie down there aren't so many sharp little ends poking into their skin.

Whether that's _really_ why they do it is hard to prove; the dog can't exactly explain itself. But it seems to be the most-accepted theory.

yeah i thought that was the most widely known answer