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Why do i have the hardest time getting XP to recognize USB 2.0 DEVICES? Answered

I have plugged in an USB 2.0 external 2.5" drive (in enclosure) that my computer has recognized once and never again. What am i not doing?




4 years ago

I am getting bald patches from pulling my hair out over this same issue!!! 'cept I'm trying to get my comp to see an arduino uno clone...just keep getting - Found new device USB2.0-Serial...I've installed the "official" USB2.0 driver , I'm on SP3 , I've done the Virtual com port...no luck with that one either!...NOTHING..day after day , night after night I keep uninstalling and installing moving to other ports...on it goes..

Does that USB port work at all? Try testing it with something else, because it might be screwed up (a pin bent, it short circuited,a wire got disconnected, etc.) If you do run out of working USB ports, plug a hub into one of them.


9 years ago

Common problem, drives me round the bend! There are various fixes, some work, some don't. The only pretty much guaranteed way is using a different port, obviously you soon run out of ports, but this does seem to be a reasonably random problem and I have found it comes and goes. Best bet is to use a powered hub rather than than motherboard powered buses (clears numerous problems with USB) and make sure XP is up to date with drivers and wotnot (no reason to not be on SP3 really). Also uninstall all the failed devices, you may need to show all devices in device manager, the default display is to show only devices plugged in.

I had this problem once, but I have no idea what caused it. I simply plugged the device into a different USB port, the hardware detection dialog popped up again, and then it worked fine.