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Why do people have a problem with rock music? Particularly metal? Answered

I mean, i can understand why it isnt some peoples type of music, but why does everyone critisis the people who do listen to it? I mean im just curious haha.



I think part of it is because some bands get an imfammy because of the way they act and because they did a few songs that were pretty bad. AC/DC and Guns n' Roses would be good examples of this. Just cause they did acouple terrible songs doesn't mean that everything they did was bad. That is like throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Much of metal music promotes NEGATIVE values. anti social behavior of every kind.  It sickens decent people to see children (or anyone) led down satans road to hell.  Metal fans will laugh at this answer... but will you laugh when you discover Satan is real, and there will be NO PARTIES, DRUGS, or SEX in Hell.  There will only be REGRET.  see Romans 1, 26-32.

Every genre promotes bad values sometimes.
Just a funfact for you, Christian Deathmetal exists.


7 years ago

dude i love metal its all i listen too look at my pic

this i because most people have no clue how music should sound and dont appreciate the best :)

people who hates rock metal has limited understanding..

I have the distinct impression that if nobody had a problem with it, the whole point of metal would be defeated. It exists to be rude, crude, and loud, and if people stop objecting it becomes ruder, cruder, and louder until they do.

I don't criticize the folks who listen to metal in general. The folks who listen to it at high volume are rapidly damaging their hearing, but that's their problem until and unless they inflict it upon me. (I've been a sound tech. I wouldn't go NEAR that sort of performance without industrial-strength earplugs.)

When it gets into hate metal, the fact that someone listens to it tells me a lot about them -- and they deserve criticism.

Outside of those objections... well, metal ain't my thing; frankly, I find it gawdawful boring. But if it floats your boat, feel free to subject yourself to as much of it as you can stand. Just don't get offended when not everyone agrees with you. I guarantee you'd be at least as disgusted by some of my own musical preferences.

 Whenever something like music changes, all of those who were from the previous generation blame it on satan, and anything that is associated with satan is obviously evil.

For instance, if you ask adults in the range of 40 to 50 about Elvis, the typical response (generic taste), is I LOOOOVE ELVIS!.  But if you ask them about today's music, they would say that it is ruining our children.

If you asked 70 to 80 year olds about their generation of music, they would respond with thoughts of endearment.  If you asked them about Elvis on the other hand, they would say that it is ruining our children.

It also happens for things like movies, television, etc.  For instance, people will remember the "Good old days when Saturday Night Live was funny", but the older of a person you ask, the older the episodes you will receive.  My stepdad thinks that Chevy Chase was the most hilarious person on the planet, but my sister thinks that Chevy Chase is lame, and Will Ferrel is absolute gold.

There is a lot to this. Ever heard of a tritone? It is "the devil's chord" - it sounds evil, metal bands e.g. Slayer have used it a lot.
Since I mentioned Slayer, a lot of bands go in for the blood & guts death / Satan / Nazis - dark side of life. This is an antithesis to the usual "popular" music, and by that anti-normal. This type of music knows it is "niche" and won't try to be wholesome and popular*, it doesn't care about language / content because it ain't aiming for radio-airplay.

This can go too far. If kids are looking for extremes they'll go for the sickest-baby-raping stuff available, or the most incomprehensible uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh! axe-thrashing stuff out there and say "this rocks harder than anything else" - there is a popular trashy region within the genre.

Also, old people tend to think "loud" and "I can't hear the words" is bad.


*If you're Metallica, you'll give-up on "motherf-ing-whiplash!" and cash-in on being popular and providing for your old-age...


8 years ago

I've also noticed this.  There can any amount of "ho's" on the radio but one mention of Rage or Metallica and you're a chaos monger.  I generally ignore what other people say but if it's said to me, then it's a different story.

Rock music has a relation to a really distructive kind of culture that good parents wouldn't wish upon their children.  Drug use, constant partying, careless sex, trashing hotels, etc...  The music and lifestyle is a form of glamorizing that kind of stuff, which is why a lot of people are against it the music.  Still, you can like the music and not get in to every bad little thing that the rock stars do.  Some metal has some really demonic/depressing lyrics.  It has also just kind of become steriotypical.  "Sex drugs and rock and roll," are the things that parents should watch out for, but that came about in the '70s and '80s mostly.  I love rock and roll (obviously, my name...)  but I'm not a huge fan of drugs.  They've destroyed some people I really care about.
A long winded way to say- i'ts because of the connotation

Some people, not all, are vocal about not liking any one else's music style.  There are usually enough that don't like it to make it seem that no one likes your  kind of music.    I'll listen to anything once.  If I like it I'll listen again if I don't like it the I won't.  You can listen to anything you want.

It doesn't help when you have it turned up so loud that you disturb the neighbors.  I wouldn't like that even if it was my favorite music.

Try and not disturb your father when he comes home and you might not get yelled at about the music so much.