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Why do people likes mario? Answered

I don't like mario, mario is a offesive italian and not cool.


It is the same as any other popular icon. Many people love them and others do not. It is just like cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. If you enjoy what they are or if they give you a nostalgic feeling, you enjoy seeing them. If you are not a fan, you hate seeing them.

It is the same with any character out there. Even opposing game companies like Sega have the same issue. Some people love Sonic and others can't stand him.

Honestly, the fact that Mario is Nintendo's iconic mascot is probably what brings him into the public eye the most. Every company does that, because giving people things that they are familiar with entices buyers. It's all money really, because if Mario started losing popularity to another character, Nintendo might eventually use them as a mascot instead.

I bet they don't put on public eye and mascot so the other good company can have a chance.

Thanks for the best answer! I'm glad to know that I could help out in some way.

I always found Luigi more useful. Mario was a glory hog.

Ok... but you are kind a right that Luigi is better but only 4% better than Mario. [He is also offensive to italian as well, italian people want to remove mario in the world, maybe.]

what the heck type of question is this lol. what does this have to do with anything?!?

It have to do with stupied Mario.

Well, I can't answer for people, being a disembodied alien spirit and all, but I never liked Mario, in part because of the cultural stereotypicification it presents, and partly because it smells too much like all the other bread and circuses tricks that are being used to stupify the general public in western culture to assist in plundering our coffers and futures.

I really, erm you know never like mario at all and as you u know some people got confused why Mario is the best game or limited edition red in nintendo and all of this still won't get me to like mario because he's a offensive uncool italian.

Is your objection to his being Italian, or to his being a stereotype?

If the former, you're just establishing yourself as a bigot. Can't get much more uncool than that.

If the latter... I'm not convinced that he's any more a caricature than most game characters.

Probobly because he helped get us out of the videogame crash of 1987 and pioneer the way to were we are now in video gameing.

No, the 1947: Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device
made a video game to use then there is a maario poped up at 1981 and really, he's dumb really.

I was referring to super Mario, the original Mario was a nobody.

Ok. So nintendo was lying so mario has only started be 3D so that meens the other charater only start as 3D as well all not original.

not all people like mario
the kind of people who like mario had never saw crisis , starcraft 2 or another cool games.Mario its a classic for little kids

How could they have seen Starcraft 2 in 1985?

the question is asked for the people from present .still good reply

It's still a question about a 'topic' that's been around nearly 30 years. Doesn't have to refer to today exactly.

That a lot of topic.

I highly disagree with you. I have Starcraft 2 Collector Edition, but I still play Super Mario Bros 3 occasionally. It's all about the gameplay, not graphics. Mario games tend to focus on having a fun gameplay, rather than a complex storyline and characters. While I surely admit, Starcraft 2 is a great game and I love it, you cannot dismiss Mario games as not cool games just because of that.

Besides, we're talking about two completely different genres here which makes them hard to compare. Some people just want to have a good time while they play games and doesn't really care about story or graphics, and some people like engaging storylines and flashy graphics.

It's like comparing Tetris to Final Fantasy on which one is the better game; You just can't do it.

Is best to start with the 1947 Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device
and then how games change.

Yes Mario its a classic game but i dont think i would choose Mario,Tetris(soooo boring) or pacman in the place of Starcraft 2,Crisis or Prototype .I would choose the complexity and the graphics not the popularity of a game.Not all peoples like the classic (old and boring some times )games and i am one of them .So keep playing Mario while im playing Crisis and Prototype.If i am bored and i wouldnt have my kind of games maybe i would play Mario xD.

That's exactly my point: everyone is different. You like complex games with engaging storylines, I like fun games without too much attention on graphics :3

I would say that mario in the very past is only 1% better than now, that is really isn't a good mario game all the way... my father likes Final Fantasy but don't likes Mario. Some of the 0-22 years old likes mario because he is a offensive italian! AHHH! But never mind, most gamers that are old can be hating Mario and most young gamers likes mario but i'm young that seen the past of a lots of games really... Game & Watch to NES to SNES to N64 to Sega Mega Drive to Gameboy to Gamecube to DS to Wii...


7 years ago

I don't think there is a single answer. Maybe its the gameplay or the comic surrealism or peer pressure or a form of hero worship. It could be anything that attracts fans. Why do people like Harry Potter or that "Twilight" vampire thingy?
Personally, I'm ambivalent regarding Mario and most of the action type games, I don't play them and I simply pay little attention to them. I'd rather play Chess or Scrabble and games of that nature.
If I knew for certain what causes fan obsession, I'd invent some character or storyline and make a fortune off it.


Answer 7 years ago

Your a more of a sensible man... :] Well when I look at the mario ads... I nearly smash the TV up... o.o O.O... o, sorry I ment I kind of smash it up but it really didn't so instead I use paper airplane now. I did played mario only 3% and I hated the offensive italian mario!