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Why do people never do research about consoles before insulting/ talking about consoles? Answered

On AVGN new video about the Atari Jag, I don't know how many people i see saying PS2 is 128 bit and PS3 is 256 (they also say the GC is 128 bit - but if the wii is weaker then 360 how is it 256 bit) 1) PS2 is 64 bit with extensions to make it more powerful 2) very few supercomputers are 128 bit 3) NO CONSOLES SAY BITS ANYMORE!!!! - it's all drivers and stuff I hate these people who don't do research then they argue that your wrong, then they say they are to lazy to research - YOUR AT A COMPUTER WITH INTERNET IT'S NOT HARD! - my soon to next question is how do we get anything done with people who cant click a mouse or type 1 sentence.



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I worked at EB when the ps2 came out - its 128 bit. That was a huge selling point. bit depth mattered in the old days for the power of floating point calculations, now its all hertz and memory/cache/storage/capacity. It's all moot. The ps3 is a gynormous cpu machine of game glory The 360 is a slightly less gynormous machine of similar game glory the wii is ...well its a wii. I own all 3, and like them all 'ok'. ***answer to your titled question*** A majority of console owners are single-console owners (this is a guess but I presume accurate). Related to this is they are mostly younger persons, whether from begging (parents), borrowing (friends), working (allowance/crappy jobs), or otherwise got their 'pretty expensive' system. It's often the most expensive thing they 'own'. People who spend a lot on something will defend to the death that they made the right choice for fear of looking foolish. Catalyzed by the fact that younger persons are terrible at research and forming good arguments (in general) - and you have a pretty strong case for fan-persons and haters.

CPU 64-bit "Emotion Engine" clocked at 294.912 MHz (launch), 299 MHz (newer models) - wiki

the bit rating wasn't based on the cpu, it was the at-the-time memory bandwidth.

oh ok... what about "is only a 64-bit processor in the traditional sense as it can only use 64-bit memory addresses" - mean?

it can only use 64 bit addresses, but the data 'width' - the number of paralell connections being used (1 or 0) between the cpu and the gpu and the memory was 128 'channels' wide.

264 addresses 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (18 ish peta-addresses)

128 bits wide meant that for each memory-clock cycle, the cpu could load or save 128 bits of information at a time. This was unique first to the dreamcast, then to the ps2.

NONONON ALL YOUR SEARCH IS WRONG PS3 SUXXXX XBOX RULESS don't you hate people like that i have all 3 new systems i personly like 360 but wii is a good system with low graphics the ps3 is a good hi def system but i think it is overrated but little big planet is awesome but to answer why most spend lots of money on one system and find out they paid too much ...$599 so they try to convince others and themselves it was all worth it which is usually $1000+ on games the system and parts

People are close-minded, they will believe what they want to. If they like Xbox's and they don't like PS3's they will just not listen to reason. If the evidence is put in front of them they will ignore that and go back to the same petty excuse like "My friends use Xbox's".

i think that people have their own opinions. people want to get their 2 bit in before they take the time to even know what their talking about. Like me right here, i never heard of the Atari Jag, so i may think it sucks. i think people are just too damn lazy to learn things. they just want to seem smarter than they actually are.