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Why do people post instructables? Answered

What drives so many people put in all the time and effort to make instructables?   I'm awed by how much is here - the instructables themselves plus all the answers and comments.  So what  are the motivations that make so many people active on this site?   


Frustration with other DIY projects.
Internet fame and glory.
Not wanting someone else to go through the same headache and misery.
Giving back to the DIY community.
The satisfaction of a job-well-done.
Showing off what you did and being proud.
Wanting a job at Martha Stewart Living.
Searching for novelty and innovation which keeps the mind healthy.
Fun because life isn't serious business.
Not counting on making a living out of the project.
Proving a point whatever it might be.

"Internet fame and glory."
hahahhahha je a-doooo-ree!!!
I'm always building something, and found amazing I can show worldwide it all.
Now I have always my camera with.


7 years ago

The robot just sent an email saying that I need to select a best answer. I'm enough of a newbie not to have known choosing one is expected.

Years ago someone told me that asking anyone why they do something is a hostile question. I don't agree. (It can be hostile, of course, as in, 'Why are you doing (that stupid thing) X.

I didn't ask the question in a critical spirit. After all, I've posted some. For me it's to help others who might have the same needs. I was just curious (after thinking about how big the community is) if there were perhaps other reasons. Clearly there are. So I'm going with Angry Redhead as the most inclusive.

Is there a place on the site for polls?

If someone says "How did / do you do that?", you can point them to the Instructable.
If you spend time doing these things anyway, it's good to document them. E.g. I was using this again last weekend, because I'd forgotten the proportions.


+1 on lemonie's response. Aside from the fact that I enjoy helping and teaching others, it's a great way to document your projects for future reference. At the same time, you might win something by entering it into a contest.


7 years ago

Good give and take:

For me, its fun to make and mod stuff.
  1. Seeing other projects spurs more of my creativity:
    • "I should try ~that..."
    • "Wow, I didn't know that was..."
    • "Cool, I can use that..."
  2. Posting my own is a fair way to give back and keep it going.
I feel there is an additional synergy when many start sharing.  A community develops, with participation benefits beyond the initial sharing.  Cool to be part of.

It's pretty basic wiring, actually. Human society is "hedonic", at least on the individual level. That means status comes in large part from "Look what I can do," and showing off feels good. Instructables, like most how-to/DIY communities, taps into that.

Never underestimate the value of ego-boo. "Good job!" goes a long way, even if it doesn't pay the bills.

Yeah, that's pretty much my reasoning.

Also, I like to build stuff.

because thats what this site was built for

Because we can.


7 years ago

I don't like the question, and I've seen some great answers, but I'd think you should just ask; Why not?

I'm seconding EVERY comment below/above. This is a take-a-penny leave-a-penny community, where we
a) want to show off how cool the stuff we made is
b) learn and adapt existing projects to make for ourselves...and
c) repost our modifications...which speaks back to (a).

Not to toot my own horn, but I am a person who wants to help people. I'm a 911 operator, and 'cant enjoy a treat unless I'm sharing it with others' (all my co-workers love it). I've written many video game guides and youtube video guides for strategy games -- why? Not for any reciprocity, but rather just to help others.

Helping others similar to gift-giving or charity supplies the "giver" with a sense of satisfaction of assisting someone do something they otherwise would not know how to do. Also, to see what other members have built or done is sometimes very educational and surprisiing. The fun of taking ideas from this site is only exceeded by the greater fun of giving back!

Pride in doing something as opposed to the normal human apathy that prevails these days.