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Why do people search for secret door bookcases on Thursdays? Answered

I was exploring the new profile page and browsed through to the "Launch Stats" button, and found the following strange behavior: on my project https://www.instructables.com/id/Secret-door-bookcase/, twice as many people visit on Thursday as any other day of the week. Remarkably consistently. For the last three months. None of my other instructables show this peculiarity. I can't imagine why. Any ideas? Is there a US show featuring secret doors that runs on Thursdays?



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Something I found to do is to Google the instructable and see if it is referenced or listed on other web sites. Sometimes I had strange spikes and found that someone had read the instructable and liked it enough to blog about it or just recommend it to others. It would always cause a spike. But the regularity of your spikes is rather interesting. Google could possibly help you to fiure it out.

I've seen it on several big websites

sure, but I feel like it can't be a web thing, because they are always available. I figured it must somehow be a scheduled program or ad run.

I had an immediate thought that it's being posted on many websites every day, and maybe most newsletters get sent on Thursdays, but I don't think that's the case.

Around a tenth of the views have come from Instructables, which is about the average amount that my top 3 most viewed I'bles have gotten. Don't know if it has something to do with that...

I wonder if Bob's I'ble has the same stats... https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-secr...

...And, if I remember correctly when seeing you I'ble, you had a video too. Does the video appear to have the same stats too?

good suggestion. TIL youtube has nice stats. Usually I avoid yt like the plague because the comments section is such a gong show, but the information they provide is super detailed and shows no such Thursday spiking trend. I'm going to put it down to some weird artifact of the instructables analytics. Thanks!


Oh, the Youtube comments section... (see the image)


yep, link: URL works well for that, and certainly helps explain big surges. But regular small ones must be something different. Google could doubtless explain it, but knowing what to search for is the trick here...

Pay Day they are looking for a good place to hide their money.

I'm a published author with 3 books at Amazon, I get peeks in sales around the first and the middle of the month like clockwork.

Readers pay day, every two weeks.

Thursday probably checking out what to do on the weekend.

I discarded general explanations like these because none of my other projects show the same trend. My treehouse shows spikes around the weekend during spring and summer, but that is totally explicable. Thursday though?

Sure don't you shop on pay day, people that get payed on Thursday shop or look for related information on Thursday.

People that don't work have time to read and live on fixed incomes, they get two checks a month a big one around the first and a smaller check in the middle of the month.

Most of them are just looking for bookcases but the search engine pulls up your Instructable with the search on bookcases.

I would say it is the day where the stats are properly corrected and updated....

ha, I could buy that except it doesn't apply to any other projects, even ones that get similar view counts