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Why do 'shortcuts' not appear even though I've highlighted them? Answered

When I go into shortcuts and highlight all my preferences they do not appear between 'You' and 'Logout' like the instructions says, what am I doing wrong?  Yes I am saving them.


I would suggest you report this issue on one of the "bugs" pages and/or email staff (service AT instructables DOT com). You'll need to tell them what OS you are using so that they are better equipped to help. :P

There have been a variety of intermitted issues over the past few days, so the more specific information the staff can get the better. :)

How do you find all this out? You should have a page on instructable for the lost people on here and answer all their questions and they should pay you! You even found a bug page!!!!!!!

Thanks. You're very kind, but I'm not all that unique here. :D

Just like anyone else, you pick up things as you go along.

You dig deeply. I find useful info pages by mistake, worst thing is I lose them and can never find them again. I think that on everyone's page there should be a reference list of all the useful things you need to know on instructables. I know you know where it is - tell me.

LoL... well, what you're perhaps looking for are "favorites". You can "favorite" any Instructable. You'll do this from near the top of the page near the right. You'll see a few small icons like "F" for facebook, "T" for Twitter and to the left of these are "Print PDF" and "Favorite".

To save a Favorite, simply click on "Favorite" (it will change to "Un-fave"). Now to access these favorites, you need to go to your page, click on your "Instructables" tab and you'll see a list of text links (these are your submenus). One of the text links are favorites. Click on the link and only the Instructables you have "favorite", will appear.

You can also make "favorites" one of your "shortcut" links (when you have them working). :P

If you want to save a PDF copy of an Instructable (to print it and review offline), click on "Print PDF". Then click on the link which shows the instructable_name.pdf
Then go to "File" on your computer and "Save" to a location you can find this file later...

Ahhh! Now that I am doing something right!....all is not lost, do you know how many favourites (sorry I grew up with the correct spelling...lol!) I have............148 and counting............so now if I were to include pages like this one I need some sort of filing system to get to them easily! Any suggestions?

Lol... Perhaps the American influence to the south has converted my spelling in this case...

Filing your favorites (or favourites) is not really an option, however, you can sort the contents by "recent", "views", "title", "comments" or "rating". (So no, all is not lost). :D

This page however can not be marked as a favorite, but, you can click the orange "follow" button and follow this question (or any other). Then when you wish to access the followed pages, you'll go to your page, then click on "following" (found below your online picture), then from the tabs, click on "questions".

+1 -- this was asked a few days ago and hasn't seemed to be fixed so a bug report would be handy. I'm just too lazy to fill one out right now.


6 years ago

I updated mine just after the two day ibles down time and when relogged it was there and working.
Really liking your magician arms extended pic.
I'm in Reno using Firefox.