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Why do the L and R speakers of headphones sound different depending on which ear they are placed in? Answered

if I take the right headphone speaker and play it in each of my ears, the sound doesn't sound the same in each ear.



9 years ago

This is because the hole where the sound comes out is angled so is goes into the hole in your ear, when you switch it around the sound is not going directly into your ear its bouncing around.

Most probably because although you may think so, your ears are not exactly alike. The ear is a very complex piece of anatomy and the tiniest difference between your left and right earways and bone structure will change the way different frequencies are channelled down the canal and converted to nerve impulses. Also, any build-up of wax in the ear will make a difference.
Another factor is the way your brain responds to the pattern of nerve signals to convert the vibrating air into the concept you call 'sound'. Again, this may be subtly different between the left and right pathways.