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Why do we call dandelions "dandelions"? Answered

I was just thinking, what a curios name for a plant.



8 years ago

Here is a BETTER question. Why are dandelions called WEEDS?.. as though a WEED is a bad thing! A famous inventor after the CIVIL WAR (u.s.a.) named George Washington Carver said of weeds, "The dandelion is not a weed... it is just a FLOWER planted in the wrong place." George W. Carver is worthy of researching and reading about. He was a THINKER and he asked a LOT of questions that nobody could answer (just like you do). So he found the answers himself. This (black) man SINGLE HANDEDLY saved the southern USA out of poverty after the civil war!!! He was honored by US presidents and offered HIGH paying jobs with big companies (Thomas Edison and Henry Ford). But he refused and stayed at Tuskeegee Institute doing research and asking impossible questions like.... "Lord, why did you make the PEANUT?" I live a couple hundred miles from his hometown in Missouri. I visited it once. They have a museum built there in his honor. Mr carver studied "weeds" intensively... he said of them that they are not useless plants. They are medicinal plants... and he believed God does not make useless plants (or people). There is a LOT more to discover about G.W. Carver. Check him out on Google.