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Why does Instructables no longer allow me to upload photos? Answered

Why am I lately no longer able to view my images library or upload photos to Instructables? I have posted over 25 Instructables containing photos. Lately, Instructables will not allow me to view my image library. I am unable to upload more images to my image library. I am unable to upload images as part of reply to a comment to one of my Instructables.  I am unable to upload an image directly from my computer, or via URL or from Flickr. When I try to upload photos to reply to a comment to one of my Instructables, I am able to see thumbnail of the photos, but when I click to attach them, they do not and allus kaput. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Enter unclesam in the Instructables home page search box to view my posted instructables. I have more to post if I am allowed to upload photos again.


I could not upload images at all until I started using firefox as my browser. It fixed the problem, as well as 3 or 4 other bugs.
It's free, just google it, find the site, download and install. Works a treat. I've even kept the old browser as the default so Mrs. caarntedd doesn't get peeved with me changing stuff.

You'll get better response from the Staff if you create a bug report, instead of a Question.