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Why does my iPod Touch suddenly have terrible battery life? Answered

I have an iPod Touch 2G (8GB), which is running jailbroken 4.0 firmware.  The battery life was fine, but suddenly it started decreasing.  If i leave it in standby (locked) overnight, the battery will go from 100% to 35% without me even using it.  does anyone know why this is happening? is the battery just old?



Best Answer 7 years ago

You know, my iPod Touch started doing that too, once the iOS 4 firmware was released (and I foolishly installed it).

Here are three things you can try:

- Fully shut down your iPod at night. This will keep battery drain at a minimum.

- Set your firmware back to the last 3.x version (before multitasking).

- Get a new battery. ifixit.com sells them, but the replacement procedure is... daunting. Even for me.

thanks, but is there a way i can tell if its the software on the ipod thats causing the issue or the battery that is causing the problem. I am willing to replace the battery, but i want to make sure that it is necessary

well i had this same problem. it really annoyed me, but i found that even when you use it itll go back up some, and if it goes down really far, i just turn it off for a couple of minutes and then i turn it back on and it should have more battery. but the battery isnt old.

The newer iPod firmware added multitasking. That means it can do more at once; it also draws more power to do so. There are ways to turn that off if you don't want it happening, or so I'm told; check the iPod-specific discussions elsewhere on the Internet. (searching for "iPod power problem" will probably find it.)

Of course it's also possible that the jailbroken firmware is drawing more power than the official firmware. That's the one of the risks you run when you load unsupported code.

Hiya i had the same problem after I jailbroke my ipod. I can't imagine its multitasking because the ipods can't do that only the iphones. I would suggest only chargng it when you need to ! If you do have jailbroken firmware running then that is what is causing it, if you don't then maybe charging to long or even extensive app use can cause this to happen !

Good luck,