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Why does my right shoe always come untied while my left one never does? Answered

The type of shoe makes no difference. Is it because my right foot is slightly smaller?


It could be due to foot dominance. The dominant foot is going to be used more and therefore the laces could loosen faster on that particular shoe.

Try tying an Ian's Secure Knot. I use it and it works great!


9 years ago

one of your hands might be stronger and tie differently


9 years ago

Possibly your right foot may be slightly bigger than the left one and causing more pressure on the shoe that you wear to loosen up the knot. I would DOUBLE knot this and you should avoid it then later on.

A slightly smaller foot would be 'looser' and thus have extra material feeing backwards through the knot to loosen it. The first step of making a shoelace knot, where you make a single overhand knot: wrap twice or thrice instead of once. This helps keep that side of the knot more secure.

Ah! A surgeon's knot. Ever since my father-in-law showed it to me, I've used it to great effect.

indeed - its great for aprons, as it doesnt loosen while you tie the second half of the knot.