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Why does the "instructables+robot" profile redirect to "Instructables-robot"? Answered

I was recently looking at caitlinsdad's first instructable. On it was a comment by "Instructables Robot" (Note the space). When I clicked on the profile, it redirected me to "Instructables-Robot" (note the dash). So my question is: why does the instructables robot profile redirect to "Instructables-robot"?


Instructables Robot   commented on his first 'ible. Not sure why it redirects when you click on the comment though... If you look at the URL above this screen, between each space is a "-" symbol. I guess the dash in the other robots profile names confuse this somehow...

Reason is the that the instructables robot actually has two profiles, both being different robots...

Because the robot is "special".

Read Instructables-Robot's profile.