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Why does the water in my rice cooker only gets warm and not cook? Answered

I have a 60 cup rice cooker with two functions, cook and warm. it use to cook just fine for the 4 times i used it and i tried several time after but the water only gets warm and does not cook the rice. what can be the problem.



2 years ago

If you only used it 4 times and its new just take it back and tell the store its defective and get a replacement.

I am not there so this hard.

1. Switch stuck on warm

2. heating element broken.

3. Thermostat broken

4. Safety cutout activated

I would cut your losses and start cooking rice in a pan.

I would say it is faulty. ;)
Without knowing the internals it is all just guesswork, could be a temp switch, could be electronics, faulty thermistor - no clue what's used in it.
When these toys were popular here I had to convert some for friends after they failed.
Simple (pid) temp controller with sensor and job's done.
Set desired temp and forget.
Otherwise it is still possible to use just temp switches for a fixed temp but usually they fail after a few months of operation.