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Why doesn't Instructables have a hidden compartments contest? Answered

Instructables shows people how to do everything; except make secret compartments.  They should have a contest for it to see which one is the best, and blah blah blah, they get prizes, blah blah blah, you should all know the drill for contests by now.

Afternote: Hey thanks guys!! Hopefully soon there will be a hidden compartments contest.  Can't wait to see the results!


If you really want to see a contest on this topic, you could contact Instrucables and offer to pay for them to run it. I'm sure they've got a standard policy for how much the sponsor has to put up as a prize and/or pay as advertising fee to make it interesting to them..

Otherwise... well, you've just suggested it, and I'm sure they'll put it on their list of ides for possible future contests. Gods only know how long that is or where this suggestion would fall on the priority list.

Or you could try organizing an informal contest....

Or you could just keep an eye out for Instructables on this topic and see whether anything you like goes by.

(If you mean you think you've got a winning idea and are looking for a contest to put it into... Well, that's the nature of the game; you can either post it now and submit it if/when the contest is announced, or keep it on the back burner until/unless a contest is announced. Or you can look for a contest on a different theme which your idea can be adjusted or re-described to fit into. I could probably justify or present some kinds of hidden compartments as "spooky", for example, if I wanted to submit one to a Halloween contest... )

there are plenty of ibles on secret compartments on the related bar next to this question

If you're interested in this topic, there have also been some interesting articles in woodworking magazines; you may want to hit the library and do some digging. Nicest I remember seeing was a desk that had a whole series of stacked secrets, including one requiring something like seven separate moves to release. Beyond my limited woodworking ability, but very pretty.

I have seen plenty of 'ibles about secret compartments & stashes ranging from silly, simple & plain mundane to downright James Bond gadget cunning.
I do agree however a competition would be pretty cool, I love hidden compartments & drawers & would love to see the ingenuity of the 'ibling community drawn together & have dozens of them published in one place.