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Why doesn't every page of a magazine have a number on it? Answered

This really is a random question, but I was just wondering. In most (if not all) magazines, the page will go like 45, 46, no number, 48, no number, no number, 51, etc. WHY?


The answer is simpler than that, but confusing at the same time. When a magazine SELLS a page for advertising, they no longer OWN that page. Therefore, they do not have the right to modify said advertising page in ANY WAY shape or form. By extension, they cannot even print page numbers there. The advertising company would have to add the page number a-priori to the spread they have prepared, so that when the files are sent to the magazine they contain the appropriate page number. However, the exact position of the magazine's article pages and advertisements is usually NOT FIXED, and is the responsibility of the editor to arrange before publishing. Therefore, it would be a hinderance to anchor an advertisement to a page, by having them print page numbers on their files. On the other hand, the magazine cannot print on them, as they dont own the page and so, the pages must remain without page numbers. They could of course agree that the magazine reserves the right to print a page number at x-y coordinates on the page, but that would be too easy!

Take a closer look at when there isn't a page number. I bet that it's only when there is an ad wherever the page number would be. Not necessarily over the space, but in layout space around it.


9 years ago

Maybe they want you flip through the whole magazine(and see all the ads) to find the article you are looking for. I find it kinda annoying.

It would not show up well or an advertiser paid to have it not there.