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Why doesn't my bamboo flute work? Answered

I used the instructions for the 4 bamboo flutes for free and was all excited about my flute, but it doesn't make noise and my sound hole is only 1/4 in. thick. Do I need to make it bigger or what? What should I do?


You are mixing your measurements. You can't make the bamboo thicker, but you could make the sound hole wider. If it's a cross-blown flute, you might need a slight undercut on the sound hole. If it's end-blown, the sharp edge that splits the wind going in might need to be sharper or moved in or out. Do you have sharp edges on the sound hole? Is the bamboo too short? (try plugging the end with your palm and then blowing it-if it works plugged but not unplugged, it's too short)

You are blowing it right...?


Well, maybe that's the problem, as a flute it kinda "sucks".

Heh, heh, heh...maybe it both sucks and blows? (quotation marks removed 'cos I thought you'd get it)


Did you break out the node?

Take photos of the flutes, especially the mouth end, and get somebody to video you using them, then add those to the comments of the Instructable.

If you do that, the project's author will get a message to say you have asked a question, and he/she will be able to see what has gone wrong and advise you.