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Why doesn't my blackberry playbook connect to the internet through our wifi? Answered

My son bought me a blackberry tablet for Christmas.He set it up for me and since then I have wiped all the information off and he refuses to reconnect it for me. I'm at a loss can anyone help or suggest a website for trouble shooting problems. I've tried different ways to reconnect but no luck. I can't remember my password and I've tried entering the router pin they display. It just won't reconnect.We have a wireless router and I know it will not connect if the blue ray isn't on. I thought it would be easier then this. 


You need the password for the router's security. Without it you're out of luck. If you really can't remember it then look up how to login to the router with a computer and change the password. Just search for "change {router brand} wifi password" to find instructions tailored to your specific router. Once you change it write it down. Since you are trying to keep people outside your house from using your wifi writing the password down and even keeping it out in the open doesn't really reduce your security.

I have the router password so I have to use the computer to login to the router.I'm not sure how to login to the router if I do have the password. My son said we have to many devices hooked up to the D-Link (two computers and a blue ray to access netflex). Will that affected my WiFi connection on the blackberry tablet? Thanks for the information,I'll see if that works.

You don't have to many devices connected. Even the most basic routers should be able to handle, at the very least, 4 simultaneous connections but usually a lot more through the wifi.
To login to the router you need to be connected to it. It is suggested that you use a hardwire connection (plug it in) when accessing the router settings. Look on the router for it's IP address, probably along the lines of 192.168.x.x. open an internet browser and type that number, with periods, into the address bar. It will now probably ask you for the routers password. Default passwords are typically "0000", "1234", "password", or "admin". You can find the default password online if necessary by searching the router model.
Once you've accessed the settings page go to the tab labeled security, probably under the heading "Wireless". From there you should be able to change or possibly view the current wifi password.
Once you know or reset the password write it down and if you did change it then you will need to enter the new password into any device that is currently connected to the wifi.