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Why doesn't my computer recognize my flash drive? Answered

I have an 8GB Kingston Data Traveler G3 that my computer, operating on windows 7,refuses to recognize. The Auto-play option doesn't start when it is plugged in nor does it show up in any of the available drives in My Computer. 
I've tried to assign it a new drive letter through Disk Management but it doesn't show up there either.
Can anyone explain what might be the problem and how i can fix it?


Does it work on other computers? As others have said, if it doesn't, then the drive is bad. If it does, then you probably pulled it out one too many times without safely removing it first. If you do it enough, it causes problems with your USB ports. Reload your motherboard drivers, upgrade your BIOS, and update the driver in Device Manager.

Does it work in another PC?

The drive may be faulty

Can you see it when you open my computer?

Does the PC make the "you have connected a USB device" noise when you plug it in?

I used to the flash drive before it played up and most times i connect it it makes that connection noise but i won't see it on My Computer.

Try it now on another computer it may be faulty

Do you see it in the device manager? Right click my computer select properties.

If other flash drives work on this PC I would just replace it.

Probably not much help, just a remark that I have one flash drive that does not work on newer Acer computers. At least all the two that I have tried. Works on all the other computers including very old Acer. But Acer's name is oddly coming up in the not working cases. This does not depend on the operating system - one of those Acers has Win/Linux dualboot - the flash drive does not work on either one.

Thanks for the input. I also tried it on at leaast one other computer but it never picked up on it either.