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Why doesn't my internet work properly on my laptop but it works fine on my PC? Answered

Hey, can someone please help me? I have this problem and its really frustrating.
My problem is..When I connect to the internet it usually says I have internet connection but Google Chrome says "The web page cant be loaded" and after a few minutes my internet connection goes down and says I have no internet access. So I reconnect to the internet and the same thing happens, I repeat the process and a few times it works but only for a few minutes and then it happens again. (The internet works perfectly fine on other laptops and phones but its just mine for some reason).

I asked this on another site and someone told me to go to "My Computer" and then right click it, then go manage, then to click on "Device Manager" and then click on "Network Adapters" and to double click on each of the Intel (R) things there. Then to click on the power manager tab and untick the box that is ticked.

I have also done this:
1. Click Start, go to control panel.
2. Click Network and Internet.
3. Click Networking and Sharing Center.
4. Click Change adapter settings
5. Find your wireless adapter, right click it, and click Properties.
6. Scroll down to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and double click it.
7. Click the radio button that says "Use the following DNS server addresses:"
8. Put for the Preferred DNS server, and for the Alternate DNS server.
9. Click OK and test your internet.

Can anyone please help me?



4 months ago

Hi! My internet is working good on mobile and even labtop but after one ot two days labtop Internet can't work it can takes alot of time for search but cant do any thingand it goes on for lne or two days and after that it work good and the loop keep going.... Plz tell me what is the problem and how can i resolve that.

Great TIP!! Works Perfectly!! Thank u!!


1 year ago

I got a fix for this problem

1 got start and search for mobility settings

2 open it and turn off wifi

3 uninstall the antivirus

4 switch off pc for 5 minutes until the data in cache and ram are cleared

5 switch back it on

6 switch on wirless by going into mobility settings

7 change your primary dns to

Alternate dns

8 press ok

9 wait for 15 seconds

10 you are done

Feel free to visit http://adf.ly/1cYBba

My hero thank you

This works! Thanks a lot for the help!! :)

Thanks you saved my job

nothing is showing up when i go to adapter settings

I will share the solution that worked for me as most offered on various websites did not and the settings explained the various IP settings given would not be appropriate for every country. If your laptop shows ''limited connectivity" to your wifi but every other device is working or it misbehaves each time you connect to your wifi with browser errors such as DNS Probe started /finished etc this will hopefully work for you :

Apps / tools needed :

a. An app for your mobile device that will tell you your network settings

b. A freeware utility for windows called 'Simple Ip Config' to save different IP/DNS settings for Home / Work / School and to easily apply them when needed


1. Find out what the internet (IP4) settings are on a device that does connect. For instance your phone / tablet. You will need to get its IP address, Gateway, subnet and DNS servers. I used an app called IPconfig for my android phone which is free on the Playstore

2. On your laptop open up the IP4 settings in your wireless networks setting. Manually enter your IP address by using the same first 3 numbers as they are on your mobile device but the last number should be different. There is a range of numbers you can enter but not being technical I am not sure what the limit is. Example : if your mobile device has an IP of , on your PC you can enter For the subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers use the same settings as on your mobile device. Close all windows and if all goes to plan you should have internet access

3. Now you can store these settings into a profile in Simple IP Config. After downloading extract the zip and run the program. Go to the Select Adapter section on the left and select Wifi. Click on Home / Work / School then in the toolbar go to Tools > Pull from adapter. This should populate all the settings for you. Save them. Now if you change your location you can save different IP settings or use automatic settings if they work for you and apply them as needed.

I hope this helps.

My computer is having a similar problem, I tarried literally every single thing and not one of them worked. I have a Lenovo laptop and everyone and every device is able to connect except me. Please help me

Was this ever resolved. Am facing exactly same issue and i have tried everything mentioned on this article. is there any hope.?

It is sometimes a problem when people ask a question and then don't bother to click the answered button.

I would say, based on the number of views , that this is a problem for a lot of people.

You have apparently done the right thing in researching the question before asking it again. In this case I would suggest that you go ahead and make a new question specific for your case. The only reason I was aware of your post here is because I had it tagged to follow. The original person who asked this has basically not been around since the question was asked. They posted this one question and nothing else. So it is unlikely you will ever get a response from them.


3 years ago


works like magic....

Wowww!!!! ur great ))

that worked for me... Thanks a loadssssssssss :):)


5 years ago

Why are you putting that number for the DNS ? You should change it to automatic.
I didn't read this question all the way through before. DNS is usually provided by your ISP unless you specify a different one.
If you want to use the special ones from the high speed servers the numbers are: And secondary is

A second thing to do is uninstall the network adapter and then restart the computer and let Windows reinstall it. That often fixes adapter problems.

But, adapters do go bad. Buy and try a USB one and see if it is the problem. They are relatively cheap and work on almost any computer with a USB port.
Something as simple as this ------- http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=EP-MS150N-PB&cat=WLS

I think the the person above suggested is the address for Open DNS dns servers.

That set of numbers I had not heard of. The high speed DNS that I know is the above set. I program them into routers and then tell people just set everything to automatic and the router handles it.

I have dealt with DNS changing virus's so that always is something I am suspicious of.

There has been another problem in the past that has caused problems with wireless. It has been caused by incompatible chips. There are (still I believe) 2 main network chip makers. For a while their chips had trouble talking with each other. So if your router was from one chip maker and the adapter from another they would connect up but then not do anything. They supposedly fixed the problem by cooperating but every now and then some of the older adapters still won't work. I have an old notebook that I use just for networking problems and on occasion the onboard wireless will not work and I have to switch to a USB adapter. That could be the problem here which is why I suggested to just get a USB adapter. Sometimes its a handy thing to have around.

Sorry but it doesnt work.


4 years ago

thank you very much to helping me to connect my instructor laptop wifi ifollow the instruction and i solve the problem tnx again.

The steps they had you do with the etc. were setting your dns servers which are basically computers that tell your computer what address to communicate with when you want to go to a certain webpage. Can you tell us if you're using your laptop wirelessly or with an ethernet cable (fat phone cable looking cable) plugged in. If it's a wired connection, it sounds like you either have a bad cable, or a bad ethernet port on your laptop or router. If you have a wireless connection, and you're close to the wireless router, you are probably getting interference from other wireless routers on the same channel nearby. You can go into the configuration webpage for your router and change the channel it uses, but you only need to try the lowest channel, middle channel, and highest channel to see which works best, because you need a buffer of several channels to get a more interference free signal. You can go to a website using your laptop called wifi stumbler, just google it, and it will list other networks in yoru area and what channel they are on. You can either find instructions online or call the company that makes your wireless router to find out how to get to your router's configuration page and change the channel. There are a lot of things that could cause this but if wireless works part of the time and kind of randomly drops this is one possibility.

Im on wireless, on a laptop and using Windows 7. The troubleshooter doesnt find any problems. I thought it was fixed but not its back also why does it take ages for me to connect to the internet? BTW this problem only happens to my internet, not other peoples internet.

When you say it doesn't happen to other people's internet, do they use wireless as well or not. And I assume you mean other people in your house using the same wireless router/internet connection. If they don't use wireless and you do, then it kind of narrows it down to something on the wireless side (either your wireless router, the wireless adapter in your computer, or just too much interference). If they use wireless with no trouble, and you have drops at random no matter where you are in the house, it's probably your computer's adapter. If you're the only one on wireless, have a friend see if they can connect to your wireless router and whether or not they have any trouble. Again, if they have no trouble it's probably your computer's wireless adapter. You might need to replace it which you can do easily with a little USB wifi adapter for relatively cheap. If they have trouble too, you might need to get a reputable technician to come check out the situation for you. It's a lot easier to troubleshoot when you can use the equipment and be there to physically access it.

When i got to a friends house, I can connect and use their wireless internet with no problem. When my friends use my wireless internet with their laptops it works fine but with my laptop it always drops at random times.

Also, I don't know if you've done this, but restart your computer and wireless router. On the wireless router just pull the power cord and plug it back in.

I'm assuming you are on wireless, don't make an ass out of me.

A common issue(misdiagnosed) issue that would cause something like this is a power saving feature. Forgive me for linking to some one else's image, I'm on my Ubuntu box (short memory span and I can barely guide you with out doing it myself.)

you can get that menu by right clicking on your network adapter, properties, tab for power management.

If thats not it let me know, there are a few other issues that can cause this.

Ok, so I found the Network Adapter and I have 3 different adapters (Im on laptop) and I did as you said but it still happens.

In your internet protocol page you mention you have your dns manually set to the Google DNS try turning that to automatic again, go into your ipv6 protocoal and turn that to automatic too. If that doesn't work go ahead and plug
Alt DNS:
back into ipv4, and
DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8888
Alt DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8844

if you are on windows 7, the troubleshooter actually finds issues occasionally
right click the internet icon on your dock next to the clock on your start menu (looks like a little computer screen) you'll have an option for troubleshoot and open network sharing center.

yeah im on windows 7 and the troubleshooter doesnt pick up any problems.

Okay, couple more things.
I know we talked about your dns, but is your ip configuration set to auto or manual? Set it to auto.

When you lose your connection does the network icon show it as disconnected, or does it continue unchanged. If it doesn't show as disconnected what browser are you using.

Ok so how do i set my IP to auto?
Usually the icon doesnt show that ive been disconnected from the internet but every now and then it does. Im using google chrome

Under the same menu you change the dns settings. The IP is the top set of boxes.

In your chrome, open up your settings, and scroll down to advanced, hit the menu under network for proxy settings. on the very bottom of that menu there is a lan settings button. Turn that to automatic if its not already.

My lan was on automatic already and for the IP part, I changed the DNS for the IPv4 ( and and made the IP automatic as well, same goes for the IPv6 except I didn't change the DNS and left it on automatic.

Ok that was kind of complicated.
Now to get simple.
How are you connected to the net?
Blue tooth ETC?
Is your blue tooth password protected, someone could be down loading porn on your line.
Or you could be connecting to your next door neibougher?

Ahhahaha, Nah no one is downloading porn.
I'm connected to the internet through WIFI and yeah it is protected with a password. And no i'm not using my neighbors internet.
Got any ideas on what the problem could be?b

OK that helps at step #4 bring up trouble shooting and have the program look for the trouble.