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Why don't images download with the pdf? Answered

 I tried to download my own instructable PDF with a custom download to include the images but none were included.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Mine does.  I just went to my last instructable and downloaded the pdf.  I opened the pdf using adobe not the browser and the pictures were there.

I went to your instructable and downloaded it and you're right the photos are not there.

The only thing I can think of is that I've been a member since before the "Pro" features came to being.  You just joined.  I remember reading that photos on the pdf were a Pro feature or something like that.   Maybe they grandfathered the older members in rather than take away a feature we already had.

Someone one will come up with an answer thought I'm sure.

You might post this in the bugs forum in communities.

I also cannot see images in the pdf, and second the recommendation of a bug report.

Am going to post this evening. I have not been able to do much this last year on Instructables, though I am working of projects that would make good ones. Am still learning. What does "Send me a Patch" mean? I am really out of the loop!

Thank you! I will definitely do that. I have been a member since last year, but haven't tried to see if I am grandfathered in--probably not. Am going to post this evening and see if we know what the problem is.