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Why dosent Vodka freeze in the freezer? Answered

Would it ever freeze? What about drinks with lower alcohol content? What about straight alcohol?



The freezing point of alcohol is a lower than that of water, a freezer is set to freeze the water in stuff. The strength of the mixture does change the freezing point though. For example Vodkat, a half strength vodka would freeze earlier than the full strength one. Vodka is generally the best for experiment though, see impurities like salt and sugar do the same thing, that's why salt makes the ice on roads melt...


9 years ago

It depends on the ratio of alcohol to water in a drink. Alcohol freezes at a much lower point than water, and so the more alcohol in the mix the lower the freezing point. You can look up the freezing points for different % alcohol.

Vodka freezes at a lower temperature than what your freezer is set at.

Yes, looking up the freezing point of ethanol on Wikipedia would have been a good start. To answer your question about drinks with lower alcohol content, you may want to refer to this table.

As for how you can get ethanol or ethanol solutions to freeze, you may want to refer to this article or this Instructable. Note that dry ice and liquid nitrogen are fairly safe, provided you do not seal them in a bottle, soak your clothing, or drink them; the smoking vapors are a good reminder to be careful. However, alcohol ice and liquid alcohol at the temperature of dry ice are more dangerous because they can stick to your skin and cause frostbite even though they look completely harmless.

Yeah, alcohol wont freeze in the freezer I learned it from food network these people were making margarita pops