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Why hasn't anyone built the anti-mosquito laser defense system yet? Answered


According to what I have been reading the designers of this, found the parts on ebay for less than $50 making me want to scream"Tony Stark built this in a cave! From a box of scraps!"  I know the main issue is the software (which is based off of a missile defense system.) however all the parts are here

LED/perimeter detector - Check have seen an instructible on this before

Laser capable of shooting down mosquito- Check. we had a hand held laser pointer that some guy bought in the army that could cause a beret to smoke .  But It cost a bit more than $50 I believe.

Turret for Laser- Check, this is easy enough of a build.

Software to use laser on - questionable.  It was designed by a guy who made missile defense systems and the star wars system, but there is probably someone that smart on here

Other viable replacements  like a motion detector/heat detector etc- Check, though its tunability to killing mosquitos is questionable.

Summer is coming soon and this could be the coolest light show ever.


.  As Re-design points out, making the thing 100% people-friendly might be difficult, but I don't think it would require "Star Wars Scientist" to build a system that would work if you could tolerate a blind friend or two.
.  Instead of trying to zap 'em with a needle-thin beam, just heat them up a little bit with a wider, easier to aim, beam. Not as spectacular, but should be easier to design and build.
.  An invisible (IR or UV) laser may work better. But it won't look as cool.
.  IIRC, mosquitoes make a pretty distinct sound, so some form of passive sonic detection and ranging might work for tracking/aiming.

 IR or uV might be a more capable blindness operator though ;-)

(seandogue has several permanent reminders in his field of vision from past work with moderate power - 10-20W - lasers.)

You have to listen to the lecture. The approach you describe isn't quite what NM talks about. I was initially concerned about the laser too, but in at least one video, the people in the lab don't appear to be wearing glasses while it's in operation. If you think about a fence, though, suppose you constrained the region of operation such that there are no reflecting objects in the path of the beam(s) and the beams are roughly with a vertical slab of space. It would keep the mozzies (Aussies crack me up with their fun words) from crossing a boundary into a protected area without unnecessarily endangering people's eyes. I have to agree though, the software is the hard part!

They have, it's been on HackADay

Sure, just what is needed for that outdoor bbq, a laser powered mosquito zapper.  Who's gonna pay for all the dark glasses for all the new blind guests?