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Why is "Danger is my middle name" filling the site with junky posts? Answered

I get the intern stuff, but it detracts from the 'recent' material to dig through useless collection after useless collection of other people's work. Knock it off.

And I  thought 30,000 K'nex posts were a waste of space.



(Like me)

You can just filter out the collections. On the explore page there is a drop down that defaults to All Types. Change this to Step-by-Step, Photo, or Video to remove the collections.

Looking through the first 5 pages of All Recent I only see 3 Collections, none of them by either of the worst offenders mentioned here. Maybe they've moved on or somebody talked some sense into them.

There are three new ones from Danger and 14 from Sam. I think you posted before they started working this morning.

Based on what I read in the forums, apparently this flood of collections is supposed to somehow increase readership. When I look at the views on each collection, however," that doesn't appear to be the case, since most of their views are in the single digits. And since all this rapid cranking out of collection after collection seems to be irritating regular readers, I finde it surprising that someone at Instructsbles hasn't reeled it in.

It would have been better if the collections were published with some time in between of each other. Instead there are too many and too soon. Also, we need to remember that we share this site with young ones and they have their own interests. The site accommodates to them too.

I think I'll take a break from instructables for a while and come back after the flood is over. All these collections are too painful to have to wade through when looking for recent instructables.

This question came up in feedback. Danger isn't the only one, Sam DeRose is keeping pace with Danger. I don't like it either.