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Why is Full-screen not allowed? Answered

Hey, I am doing a Cool entry for the "Hands-on Learning" Contest.

I use some javascript stuff with <iframe></iFrame>   However..  I can't seem to request Fullscreen...  Does the Site have a blocker for that? Or am I just being bad here?


Lots of javascript functionality and html tags are sanitised by the editor to prevent people from interfering with site functionality.

Thank you for the reply :)
Yeah makes sense.

Would my contest entry still count if I place an additional link to the tutorial where it can be run in full screen?

Yes I should think so. People often link to their personal sites in Instructables if they convey more information than is possible in an Instructable. It's usually best to make an Instructable as complete as possible and only link through for the really important bits.

Ty 2x !

Yes, I will Link the entire Tutorial on the site, But I want to give a link to the FullScreen Version :)