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Why is a bass sound so low? Can I use something like this for a science fair project? Answered

My son has a bass that he loves. He has to do a science fair project for 5th grade. Any suggestion on how he can use his bass?


I would think that an explanation of how string tension, mass, and length affect the pitch would be enough information for a 5th grade science fair.


Maybe he could explain the process of getting a string to play a specific pitch -- perhaps build a model to demonstrate. Explaining how you can get the same pitch out of different strings would show the relationship of the tension, mass, and length.

. A tone's pitch is determined by it's frequency. Bass is at the lower end of the scale. Treble at the high end.
. Low frequency sound travels well (as you've probably already noticed heehee) compared to higher frequencies. Very easy to set up sympathetic vibrations in a similar string (resonance) from quite a distance.
. Search for the bolded words for more info.