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Why is a resistor connected in series witha diode in a rectifier?. Answered

When I asked my teacher he said it is used to make the output voltage unidirectional.It is confusing.Then what is the rectifier for?


I think we need more information to help answer your question. By rectifier, do you mean a diode, or a bridge rectifier, or some other circuit? A schematic would be helpful.

Thank You for answering.Well my question is about a half wave rectifier

Unidirectional? That's what the diode is for. Tell your teacher that I said he has no idea what he's talking about.


5 years ago

What you call a rectifier could be an LED ( almost same symbol )
which needs to have a series resistor for proper operation.

I am also confused by your teacher's reported comment and
I'm an EE with 40 years experience.