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Why is it important, to unplug your computer from the power strip? Answered

You see im trying to do my tech hw, and one of the questions is. why is it important, to unplug your computer from the power strip. what could happen if you dont unplug it?



Depends on what what angle it's looking for.

It's important to unplug your PC before doing work to avoid shock. The PSU stores up a lot of power in capacitors. It can take a while for those to discharge.

Unplugging the PC during a storm will help ensure a lightning strike to the power system won't serge through the PC and kill it.

Unplugging the PC when not in use helps save electricity. Even though the PC is off there is a small amount of power still being drawn. Especially if your PC keeps the USB ports powered for charging purposes and you have things plugged into the ports.


5 years ago

Power lines are notorious for phase loss and high voltage entering
your power lines.

Then thousands are injured by lightning jumping through home wiring
appliances to your body..



5 years ago

It's standard safety practice to unplug any device from the "mains" before you work on it.

Internally the AC will still be present and "live" inside the device if it's plugged in--which parts will be live will depend on the device. Not to mention it's very easy to accidentally hit the power switch while mucking around...