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Why is it so hard for people to use their turn signals? I guess its way over some peoples heads? Answered

I drive allot for work, I see people endangering me and everyone they share the road with concealing their intentions to turn or change lanes. Most people I see just slamming on the brakes and turning are younger drivers who I suppose have not developed enough brain power to use the highly complicated device known as the turn signal. Others are just lazy and don't care if they get side swiped. I know its hard people but get your knuckles off the ground and check your blind spot and use your turn signals....



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"I always drive this route at this time - people should know by now that I turn here."

As George Carlin said: Its nobody's business where I'm going. LOL

Most turn signals use filament bulbs, so they waste a lot of energy. If people would use telepathy a bit more this green driving technique would work a lot better... L

Yes like black cars use more gas!!!!!! That is why California wants to BAN new black cars, they use more gas from the air conditioner in the summer.

And people's brains overheat so they get confused and can't drive properly? L

Na they just want to keep the price of oil down so they can tax it more.

What do they tax it at? We're currently at 54p per Litre, while it's retailing at just under 100. But up to 56p in Sep. L

21cents a gallon, before 9.875 % sales tax.....

Nothing to complain about there! 54p works out at 86c today. L

Constant vigilance is necessary to the deadly art of driving- yes I said deadly, driving is the most dangerous thing we do and we hardly pay attention to it. ALWAYS be aware of your escape/safety outlet and ALWAYS assume the other driver or vehicle will do the unexpected.

I know we cant trust any of the knuckle dragers to put out their fingers and switch on the turn signal. And I agree that its the most dangerous thing you can do is to drive across town. 37,000 people die each year in their car in this country. Only 70 worldwide from pig flue? Hmm something is wrong here......

I'm glad to hear that someone else has noticed that we keep being distracted by little stuff (pig flu) while monstrous things (37,000 dead) go unreported. At least the Internet gives us some hope of discovering unpublicized data.

Very true, I live in Tennessee and in 2007, 708 people died from regular flue, or influenza. Yes they were either very old or young, but that's more than anyone ever talks about. The Swine flu will go down in history as the flu the Obama administration took care of, wow....

The Obama administration has been urging watchfulness without panic. Fox news (= ultra-conservatives) are the ones who won't let swine flu hysteria die.

If fox = ultra conservative, whats the other media? certainly not 100% the party line?

Not really a question there Nick... It sounds like more of a complaint. That said, the real solution is more active law enforcement, stiffer fines, and most importantly... better education for new drivers. Speak to your democratically elected leaders and show your support for things like a graduated licensing system. On your own, I also suggest taking a defensive driving class. You'll learn how to protect yourself from the unexpected actions of others. If you should choose not to heed this bit of advice, do at least remember these following tips: -Drive the speed limit, and slow down in wet or snowy weather. The speed limits posted are the the safe limits for that particular area and offer you a reasonable response time for many of the unexpected events that are likely to occur there. -Maintain a safe stopping distance between you and the car ahead of you. Always follow as if the guy ahead is going to slam on his brakes at any moment... because he might. Read your old Driver's Ed manual for the suggested following distances in your country. -Always be aware of escape routes. Pay attention at all times and plan the maneuver necessary to dodge a collision with another vehicle, an animal, boulders, etc. Do this even when you haven't seen another vehicle or other obstacle all day. Do this at all times. This is something taught in a good defensive driving course. I can't tell you how many times I've ditched in a farmer's field to avoid a bad accident... but my bumper has a dent in the shape of an ear of corn, so you be the judge.

. If you are using escape routes (especially corn fields) that often, maybe you need a refresher on maintaining proper distance. :P . I really didn't give much thought to your last point until I took a defensive driving course. It's automatic now - always leave yourself an out.

I lived in an area with a LOT of drunk drivers... and I spent a few years on the road from dawn until dusk. Every time I ditched, it was either involving a bovine or oncoming traffic. The escape route tactic is also good advice for life. ;)

Having logged over 1,000,000 miles for various companies and personal use and never being in a car accident wile driving, I can tell you that I follow those suggestions.