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Why is it so hard to find lithium ion rechargeable AA, AAA, or other standard battery sizes in lithium ion? Answered

No real details here just though it would be nice to get standard battery sizes in lithium ion rechargeable instead of nimh.



Lithium batteries need a "battery management system" to prevent the charging current from going high enough to cause an explosive reaction from occurring.

The nicad and similar chargers don't have that and can cause battery fires or explosions.

Actually you *can* buy them on the internet, they are specialized items.  But for regular consumer use, I'd say too many fires will happen.  If you're concerned about self-discharge, try low-self discharge type NiMh.  Eg. Sanyo Eneloop, Duracell Precharged, Rayovac Hybrid.


8 years ago

To the best of my knowledge there are no Li-ion AA or AAA batteries on the market.  I have seen some rechargeable  Li-ion batteries that are the approximate size of AA's but they are 3.7 volts and they  require special Li-ion chargers.

Partly because Li-ion are very picky about charging - get it wrong, and you might have a boom.