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Why is it... Answered

Why is it I always find this type of contest after I've made the gift without documenting the process and the gift is nicely wrapped? It is just sitting there mocking me saying "Unwrap me and simulate the construction. You want another Dremel. You know you do."


we need a time machine instructable!

Except that I'ble would turn out to have one all the previous contests, too! And the other winners will have been so disappointed when their prizes disappear...

> ... one ...
. Years ago, there was a spelling/grammar checking program that could actually catch those. Grammatik. On my double-digit MHz 68030, it ran slower than molasses in Winter (2-3 hours to check my ex's thesis), but it worked.

Yeah, I had Grammatik on my old 283....and WordStar too (try printing a resume with a water mark on a dot matrix printer from WordStar....it took over an hour !

...Because the Universe hates you and you're not a time traveller?

I knew that damn Universe had it in for me!!!!


9 years ago

Oooohh, the torture... the terrible dilemma... (just make another one)

make the images with paint ! and add em to my made with paint group !

Haha, I do the exact same thing. Make a second one

That was the only solution I came up with as well. I guess I'll just have to build it and give it to myself.