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Why is knex a popular subject? Answered

Everybody tends to post slideshows is it because its apparently fragile and not for instructables or are they just lazy?


knex is a basic a brain toy all you have to do is make fun stuff and you will be hooked

A plague on all your houses. Meccano FTW.

. You're definitely on the right track, but the original (Gilbert) Erector Set (not the Mecanno-made one of today) is the bestest. :P

Ah, the American love of respecting intellectual property rights. Erector was a rip off of Meccano, the irony is meccano now owns Erector.

I saw the Christmas movie movie with the Gilbert erector set it was great anway i was curios and just wanted some answers. lol

Given your user name, do you really need to ask?

(Personally, I consider it all pretty pointless. But I'm a Lego bigot.)

It's got a lot of potential as its a prototyping build platform -- similar to lego (my preference too) -- It's only the functional stuff I appreciate, the visual 'I made something shaped like a knife' that bugs me...

Everybody does not tend to post slide-shows, where did you get that from?


Look mate it a question because everygood model i see out of the corner of my eye it always a slideshow, so i was just curios.

You cant make good instructions on big knex creations as ball machines or veary compact ones as the counter.

Because they didn't take pictures along the way of them making it and they don't feel like/want to take it apart to make instructions for it. Also most people tend to be able to build it just from looking at a few pictures.

They're not lazy - it's just that K'NEX instructables tend to read "clip the red bit into the white, like in the photo", repeated many times.