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Why is life so expensive? Why is freedom not free? Answered




3 years ago

It is called economic slavery. They cannot physically enslave people anymore so they own them through economic systems.

because of the cost of living. Many have paid the price for freedom.

Thanks Caitlin's Dad. I think what I may do is build myself a cardboard house. Ply a few layers of cardboard boxes and build a big cardboard box. Maybe wheat paste it or zip tie it together. Think this but bigger:https://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-Box-Play...

The only thing is it's Winter here in Ohio and it's cold. I need some way to heat it.

Go to south america or some parts of asia and with 100 bucks per month you can enjoy in good style.

The more "modern" our countries get the more greed comes up.

Most pay premium for water, gas, electricity and housing in general, based on where they live but not on the costs to supply.

And we are flooded with taxes that noone has clue about where the money goes, it is all shifted and rolled so long that there is no trace left.

Countries like the US, Australia, China and Russia have more than enough ressources but prefer to pollute the enviroment at all cost just to make business with more profit.

Take the military expenses away from the US, for example, and everyone there would have a better life too ;)

Invest the money and build a self sustaining house like it is more common in Europe and you won't have any heating and cooling costs anymore, in some cases even enough electricity to sell it.

What we get is a wooden frame and some bricks around that someone calls a house, no real insulation, no protection against severe weather but at a premium price due to labour costs.

We easily accept what we are offered without thinking of alternatives ;)

The department of defense gives jobs to not just the service members but to the companies who supply it. Take away the military then you take away all the companies who are employed to help.

All these companies (except for a very select few) are American companies, with priority going to those who manufacture using blind or disabled Americans.

Ferengi Rule of Acquistion #34 - War is good for business.

Ferengi Rule of Acquistion #35 - Peace is good for business.

The Ferengi are one of my most admired races (ficitional) , because of the simple fact that they are true to what they are. They do not hide what they are behind idealism and call it something else.

Never live beyond your means. Keep in mind, there is a difference between having the money to but something versus being able to afford it.

The main protest I had was how culture has built unnecessary life debt into life. When education, shelter, and sustenance could be had cheap or free and then be made sustainable, modern society is at a point where if you are a part of it you are a slave to it. The norm of living in a small self sustaining homestead is all but illegal. A simple cabin, sod house, tent, etc, is not an option. To own a residence, youre 10's if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in the game to be 'up to code'. The individual has become a cash cow to the machine, no matter how much society progresses, the workload never goes down, which is fine if you love your job, but how many people do truly? Few. Your job I feel should be your family, beyond that your hobbies. The hired handness/servitude of the wage slave's 'contributing to society' is an unnecessary evil. If there was no full time industry scrubbing other peoples toilets, cooking and serving their food, washing their cars, babysitting their kids, etc, if people had to do for themselves what they could do for themselves, what would be the result?

then again that's life :)

you create your living, therefore you create your own life and you create how much it costs you.
in the other hand, freedom is always free, that is why it is call "FREE DOM".
maybe you just don't feel free at all, maybe there's something bothering you?
just remember to put down the glass when your hands feel numb, then the burden will be gone. Eventually

Life is only expensive because right-wing fascist conspiracy mongers want to keep it to themselves, denying it to anyone who either thinks or looks differently from themselves.

Freedom isn't free because it requires equipment, time and effort to maintain freedom against those same right-wing fascist conspiracy mongers (especially the ones who claim that religious groups different from themselves are trying to "control the world.").

and the left-wing =communist= =liberal= =gimme gimme hipsters= people that are entitled to that keep on pointing it out...

Define "life".

Define "expensive".

Define "freedom".

Define "free".