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Why is my HDMI cable not playing audio? Answered

I've kept my HDMI cable plugged into my AMD Radeon 7750 with updated graphics drives and it does display video. I have checked and it is enabled I have the software but it simply says that it is not plugged in. Everything is tight, and ready as it was before (Working too) so any problem you could think of? I think it might be hardware problems, my PC is from 2009 and I am afraid my system32 folder is messed up :[. The cable isn't damaged except it could be the small end that converts the cable into mini HDMI for my GPU. Please reply! :)


outward appearances can be deceiving,an HDMI cable that once worked and now does not tells me that some where along the line that cable has inexplicably failed.How it failed the world wonders,never the less it's time for a new( higher quality ) one.
Good Luck


Well here is how it started, Best Buy's price was $50.00. The rest were ~same. So I went to Amazon.com and found an 18 Karrot HDMI Cable 15' long. It looked durable and had a 4.3 star review and shipped in about a day. So overall I was happy with everything, and then one night it wouldn't transmit audio. The next morning it worked. All this fuss for nothing. lol

My HDMI cable - Mini to full size is very pick what position it sits in - As far as I can tell it is the mini plug that is at fault making a poor connection - Must buy another sometime.