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Why is my PC slow (3GHz Quad Core SiS 66FX)? Answered

Hey, I'm just fixing up my PC that we got from our old computer guy and I found that it's speed is terrible. There is not many programs on it, I've cleared it from ad ware and have Microsoft Security Essentials on it with Avast Anti Virus. It was hand built I believe by him (That could be a reason) and I mostly assume it is the graphics card. It runs Windows XP 2002 and has no software adjustments on it. Though I would prefer Windows 7 Im fine with XP. Anyhow, here are it's specs:
Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3
Intel (R)
Pentium(R) CPU 3.00GHz
3.15GHz, 992 MB of RAM (About 1488MB of Initial Virtual RAM but 2976MB of Maximum Virtual RAM)
A SiS 661FX Display adapter
Plug and play monitor (Square not widescreen)
When  I open up Processors in Device Manager, it shows to items called Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz

Those I think are the mainly important details you should know about. Please reply if you have a suggestion
(Also, on games like Roblox I get about 5FPS lol, my main pc gets about 60FPS)


At 5FPS the graphics are probably the onboard variety with shared memory,there is likely a expansion slot on the Mobo to add a dedicated graphics card but is likely the old AGP standard.I havent seen an AGPX4 graphics card for years. Hang on to it and put Linux on it for kicks,it will run faster than with XP and would make a great CloudServer for your home network. Give Zorin OS 6 a try, it has a great Win7 UI so you dont get stressed try to do stuff.
good luck

Thanks, I'm running a Minecraft server on it currently, but I might do some research and try that out to see if it speeds up a bit. :)

My use for this computer is now as a Minecraft server it is up and running the IP is crafting.gotgeeks.com if it doesn't change! :)

Well actually it would be a decent media server (well, file server perhaps), you could set it up and be able to access files from around the world. Would cost some in electricity though.

Just a few hours ago I thought about setting up a Minecraft server so it's already set up now with a static IP and now I just need a Dynamic DNS so the public IP doesn't always change. :P Thanks though

Only if he can upgrade the RAM. But it's not really worth spending any money on the system.

You can get used RAM for systems like these on e bay really cheap. Other people like me have been salvaging it it from old systems and keeping the best stuff in a box for those once in a while needs. There are old systems still in use, things like POS (point of sale) registers that small stores keep using because new ones are beyond their budgets.

It's slow because it's a Pentium 4 with less than 1gb of RAM. The CPU is not a quad core processor. It's a single core CPU that may have been purchased as recently as 5 years ago but would have been considered a very bottom line CPU at that time. It may have hyper threading which allows the CPU to process' 2 things at once. So it's pretending to be a dual core CPU. Chances are the 1Gb of RAM that it has is either DDR or RDRAM. Now days we use DDR3 in PCs. Virtual memory is space on the HDD dedicated to act as RAM when the RAM is used up. But since it's on the HDD it is extremely slow when it has to be used.

This system is not worth a dime and will not support Win 7. You can try to add more RAM but don't expect to game with it. Unless you want to play 10 year old games.